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Eating outside, having aperitifs and enjoying the sun in your garden or on the balcony. In the summer we enjoy long summer evenings with friends and family. With our summer products we really make your summer complete. Discover our range quickly in our stores and online. Add a little WOW to your summer!


Our Fruity Vinegars

Fresh, fruity and colorful, is how we'd describe these three Vinegars! They are each made from real fruit. Due to the high proportion of fruit juice of limes, mandarins and raspberries, they taste wonderfully intense and each give a wonderful twist to your dishes. 

1. Cocktails

With our fruit vinegars you can easily make the tastiest cocktail/mocktail. Check out these popular cocktails: Lime Moijto, Mandarin Vodka Spritz and Raspberry Margarita.

2. Salads

Mix 1 part vinegar of your choice with 2 parts of our Spanish favourite; Arbequina EVOO. Looking for an extra kick? Try the Raspberry Vinegar with Lemon Olive Oil!  

3. Twisted Lemonade

Nothing is more refreshing than an ice cold glass of lemonade. Make your favorite lemonade and add a splash of these fruity vinegars for an amazingly flavorful twist!



All of Our Fruity Vinegars





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Bloody Mary

Strawberry Bellini

Paloma Cocktail



Aloha Shrub



Shrimp Cocktail



Mrs. Miller Shrub



Shirley Shrub



Mayan Experience



Limoncello Spritzer