Rustic Beer Can Chicken with Sticky BBQ Sauce

Rustic Beer Can Chicken with Sticky BBQ Sauce

3 - 4 people
30 minutes
1.5 hours
Often times grilling chicken can result in a dry, flavorless dish. With this Rustic Beer Can Chicken, the result will be extremely succulent, flavor-packed, and filling. The beer helps keep the chicken moist while the Sticky BBQ Sauce makes it finger-licking good! Fire up the grill and give this recipe a try this summer!

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Ingredients and Method



  1. Warm the grill up to about 300 °F (150 °C). Season the chicken with salt and pepper and thoroughly coat with the Sweet & Smoky Rub.
  2. Place the thyme, rosemary, and garlic in the cavity of the chicken. Slice the baby potatoes in half and marinate with Sweet & Smoky Rub and garlic Olive Oil. Place these and the zucchini in the pan around the Chicken Sitter.
  3. Pour the beer into the middle of the Chicken Roaster Stand, filling it about halfway, to ensure the chicken doesn’t dry out. Coat the chicken well with Sticky BBQ Sauce. Now place the chicken on the roaster so that the stand inserts into the cavity. Place the entire dish on the barbecue for about an hour. Every 10 minutes, baste with more Sticky BBQ Sauce.
  4. Quarter the heads of little gem lettuce and coat with the Singe Estate EVOO and some salt and pepper. Grill shortly, and serve alongside the chicken, potatoes, and roasted zucchini.
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