Vinegar Trio 3x40ml

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This set of 3 vinegars is the perfect gift set for any vinegar lover. The vinegars turn salads, marinades, and cocktails into culinary delights!

Amaretto Vinegar

Those who are fans of the Italian liqueur Amaretto will absolutely love this Amaretto Vinegar. Great as a marinade, the vinegar makes the meat nice and tender and the sweet flavor gives you a caramelized coating. Also delicious in (Italian) desserts.

Whiskey Vinegar

Due to its unique aftertaste of Scottish Blended Isle Malt, this sweet and sour vinegar will excite the taste buds of any whisky lover! A stalwart seasoning that is perfect for BBQ season, such as when marinating your meat or topping your scampi.

Spritz Vinegar

The Spritz Vinegar is inspired by the famous Italian summer drink. Delicious in an avocado salad or salmon marinade, or for making a cocktail or mocktail!

Tip: Did you know that these vinegars are perfect for combining with one of our neutral extra virgin olive oils? Due to the fruity character of our high-quality extra virgin olive oil, you can blend this perfectly with our exceptionally strong vinegar flavors.

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SKU 66452-US
Ingredients Whiskey Vinegar: fruit syrup (grape), white wine vinegar, whiskey (0.2%), flavorings, caramel syrup, antioxidant: potassium metabisulphite. — Amaretto Vinegar: fruit syrup (grape) (Italy), white wine vinegar, apple juice from concentrate (14%), amaretto-liqueur (1%), natural flavorings, caramel syrup, antioxidant: potassium metabisulphite. — Spritz Vinegar: fruit syrup grape (52%) (Italy), white wine vinegar (40%) (EU), water, natural flavorings, natural orange flavoring (0,5%), natural gentian flavoring (0,1%), color: safflower, lemon, carrot and blackcurrant, antioxidant: potassium metabisulphite.
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