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Oil & Vinegar's Exclusive Olive Oil Line

Selected by certified olive oil taster and sommelier Wilma van Grinsven

Discover below the three different olive oils for bread dips, pasta & pizza or salad & vegetables.



Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sommelier
Salads & Vegetables

The perfect oil for Salads! Plus, pour a generous splash of olive oil over your oven roasted vegetables to make each piece finger-licking good. 


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sommelier
Pasta & Pizza

Add this olive oil after cooking your pasta to give the pasta the flavor it deserves. Or use the olive oil in your homemade pizza dough.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sommelier
Bread Dipping

For a successful aperitif moment, dip fresh bread in this fruity olive oil and share it with friends! Extra tasty with a hint of fleur de sel.



“That's what craftsmanship tastes like.”

Wilma van Grinsven-Padberg

In 2018 Wilma graduated cum laude from the oldest olive oil school in the world, ONAOO, a 4-year course in Italy. She also graduated a year earlier from the Culinary School in New York as an olive oil sommelier. Quite special, because with that she was the only one of the 2 people in the world who did both courses.