Bonsecco EVOO & IGP Balsamic of Modena 2x250ml

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This is the most traditional Oil & Vinegar combination you can find. The combination has an endless amount of uses and is a true staple in any household kitchen.

Recommended Uses:
 - Use for bread dipping
 - As a salad dressing
 - Over pizza and risotto
 - For charcuterie boards
 - With red meats and hearty soups

Bonsecco Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Bonsecco extra virgin olive oil comes from the coastal region of Tuscany, the Maremma. The production of our Bonsecco, as in most of Tuscany, is still characterized by the manual picking of the olives. Very suitable as a bread dip and in mild salads with chicken and fish. Also great for making our Bruschettas, Dippers and other spice mixes!

IGP Balsamic of Modena

This vinegar is obtained from organically grown grapes and refined in wooden barrels to produce an intensely fragrant and mildly sweet taste. Balsamic Vinegar is world-renowned for its strict production methods and regulations that ensure delicious vinegar in every drop. Made with Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes, they are harvested by hand, slowly pressed to obtain the highest quality grape must, and slow-cooked immediately after pressing. This Balsamic Vinegar is a certified Protected Geographical Indication.

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