Walnut Oil & Raspberry Vinegar 2x250ml

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Walnuts combined with Raspberry is a classic pairing. It's delicious over fresh greens, but also as a marinade. This combination can also be used for baking and adding to desserts.

Walnut Oil

This oil is made in France according to a 150-year-old artisanal method. For extra flavor, the nuts are roasted before pressing. Preferably used cold, for example as a finishing touch to a salad. Mix the oil with raspberry vinegar and use as a salad dressing. Also great to add to cakes and pastries with apples and/or pears, for example in an apple pie with walnuts.

Raspberry Vinegar

This Raspberry Vinegar is made with grape must concentrate and contains no added refined sugars. Exactly the right balance between sweet and sour makes it one of our fruity favorites! Make a delicious dressing or even a cocktail! Mix some raspberry vinegar with sparkling water and enjoy!

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