Truffle Must-Haves

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These are a must have if you want to do a more elevated cheese and meat platter. The Truffle Honey pairs so well with soft cheeses while the Barolo e Tartufo Delicacy (Barolo Wine and Truffle Vinegar) works best with the harder, stronger cheeses. We love to add the Truffle Powder to a little extra virgin olive oil to make our own truffle oil for dipping. No matter how the products are used, they'll always be delicious and give the amazing taste of truffle to add a little WOW!

Gift Set Contains:
Truffle Honey (120g)
Truffle Powder (30g)
Barolo E Tartufo Delicacy (100ml)

*Please Note: Wrapping may vary from the picture shown due to supply of wrapping materials.
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