Pizza Peel 29.5x41.5cm

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Bring a sunny, Mediterranean atmosphere to the table with this nice and large, decorative peel for serving pizza. Of course, you can also use it to serve tapas, mezze or antipasti. It also makes a wonderful gift! The handle features the Oil & Vinegar logo and the text reads 'Loves Pizza'.

Treat it in advance with olive oil, so that it is more resistant to stains.

Making Pizza

Flour well and lay down the dough, then add the sauce and toppings. Once done, slide the pizza into the oven (Make sure not to leave the peel in the oven though!). pizza base on this shovel and then slide it into the oven! (The shovel itself cannot come along). Also works great to remove pizzas (homemade or store-bought) from the oven.

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SKU 65700-US
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