Peperoncini Olive Oil & Mango Pulp Vinegar 2x250ml

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This pairing is too good to be true. The spicy Peperoncini Olive Oil pairs perfectly with the sweet and tart flavor of the Mango Pulp Vinegar. Perfect for marinades during barbecue season! A wonderful way to add a tropical twist!

Recommended Uses:
 - In marinades for pork, chicken, or fish
 - In coleslaws and salads
 - In rice bowls or noodle dishes

Peperoncini Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This extra virgin olive oil comes from the Italian Puglia region and is made from 60% Coratina olives, 40% Ogliarola olives, and fresh peppers. The special thing about this oil is that the peppers are pressed together with the olives and are therefore not added later meaning that the flavor is much stronger than infused oils.

Mango Pulp Vinegar

This fresh and fruity Mango vinegar is made with real mango pulp. Stunning in both taste and color, a real must-have for the kitchen! Combine with one of our extra virgin olive oils for a perfect salad dressing. Delicious in a salad with smoked chicken, avocado and lamb's lettuce. Use with raw fish, such as salmon and tuna. Due to the high fruit content, this vinegar is also surprisingly tasty and healthy in a smoothie or mixed with (Greek) yogurt!

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