Jalapeño Grapeseed Oil & Mango Pulp Vinegar 2x250ml

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Spicy, sweet, and tangy, those are the prominent flavors when these are paired together. This pairing is perfect for grilling, adding spice, or adding a little tropical flavor to any dish.

Recommended Uses:
 - Use for grilling pork or chicken
 - As a salad dressing
 - Over fresh fruit
 - Add to mango salsa to enhance it’s already sweet flavor

Jalapeño Grapeseed Oil: Grapeseed oils are very versatile. They’re good for high temperature cooking, sautéing, baking or on salads. Our Chardonnay Jalapeño oil is first cold pressed from Washington State and is infused with spicy jalapeno. This flavor was developed exclusively for Oil & Vinegar.

Mango Pulp Vinegar: Enjoy a tropical flavor with this delicious, sweet vinegar made with the pulp of mangoes.

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