Jalapeño Grapeseed Oil & Tomato Pulp Vinegar 2x100ml

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Our Jalapeño Grapeseed Oil is one of a kind! The oil is infused with real jalapeño to make sure that the flavor is intense, spicy, and delicious. This oil pairs perfectly with the savory, sweet flavor of the Tomato Pulp Vinegar.

The gift comes with 100ml Jalapeño Grapeseed Oil, 100ml Tomato Pulp Vinegar, Recipe Cards, and comes tastefully wrapped.

Recommended Uses:
- Use in Mexican dishes
- With poultry or seafood
- Use in egg dishes
- As a salad dressing

Jalapeño Grapeseed Oil

This grapeseed oil comes from Washington state. It’s a wonderful high-temperature oil that is ideal for grilling, baking, frying, and more. The neutral taste of grapeseeds means that the jalapeño is at the forefront!

Tomato Pulp Vinegar

Slightly sweet tomato vinegar with real tomato pulp. The intense tomato flavor gives an unexpected twist to many dishes. This vinegar is a must for every kitchen because it has so many applications. Perfect on white fish or salmon. Also great in tomato sauce or a Bloody Mary. Makes a perfect marinade with olive oil/grapeseed oil and Dipper Toscana.

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