Hot Chili Trio 3x100ml

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Do you know or are you a spicy chili sauce aficionado? Then this Hot Chili Challenge box is for you! This collection box contains three unique chili sauces made from South African chili peppers – Lemon Chili Sauce, Habanero and Ghost Pepper – with flavors ranging from mild to extremely spicy. Do you dare the challenge?

For years, the passionate family business behind these sauces has been specializing in unique chili sauces made from home-grown chili peppers. The chilies are grown with great care in the sunny South African Western Cape, not too far from Cape Town. As soon as the peppers are ripe, they are picked by hand early in the morning.

Recommended  Uses:
 - Lemon Chili Sauce: chicken, fish, seafood
 - Habanero Sauce: lamb, soup, sauces
 - Ghost Chili Sauce: red meat, pasta/pizza, marinades, BBQ

Heat Levels:
 - Lemon Chili Sauce: Heat level 5/10
 - Habanero Sauce: Heat level 10/10
 - Ghost Chili Sauce: Heat level 12/10
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SKU 66147-US
Ingredients Lemon Chili Sauce: Cane sugar, lemon juice (17%), vinegar, water, rehydrated dried garlic, sunflower seed oil, brine, chili (3,8%), salt, thickener: xanthan gum, parsley, thyme, oregano. ––– Habanero Chili Sauce: habanero chillies (32,1%) (habanero chillies, vinegar, salt), water, brine (water, vinegar, salt), onion, vinegar, cane sugar, sunflower oil, garlic, salt, thickener: xanthan gum. ––– Ghost Chili Sauce: ghost pepper chilies (32%), water, ghost pepper brine (vinegar, salt), onions, vinegar, cane sugar, sunflower oil, rehydrated garlic, salt, thickener: xanthum gum.<br /> <br />
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