Garlic Olive Oil & Tomato Pulp Vinegar- 2x250ml

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Tomato and garlic are a classic combination in Italian cooking. Luckily for you, this olive oil and vinegar pairing will be in your grasp without any preparation needed!

Recommended Uses:
- As a salad dressing
- As a marinade for beef, chicken, or seafood
- Over Italian dishes such as pasta or pizza

About Garlic Oil: Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with garlic is our number one seller and with just one taste you will understand why. Such a simple ingredient with such an incredible taste. This oil means you always have some garlic handy!

About Tomato Pulp Vinegar: This unique combination of vinegar and tomato pulp adds flavor to your dressings, pasta salad and marinades. Have the fresh taste of tomatoes even when they're out of season!

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