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This tasty set comes with 1 bottle of Lime Grapeseed Oil (250ml) and 1 bottle of Jalapeño Vinegar (250ml), PLUS a free sample in an exclusive gift box.

This delicious pairing is ideal for spring. Enjoy as a savory and spicy salad dressing, in marinades, drizzled over steak, or over roasted/grilled vegetables.

Lime Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oils are very versatile; good for high temperature cooking, sautéing, baking or on salads. Our Riesling Lime oil is first cold pressed from Washington State and is infused with a fresh zesty lime. It adds a delicious citrus flavor to your recipes. Product of Washington.

Jalapeño Vinegar

Give your dishes a boost with our Jalapeño vinegar. Thanks to its spicy taste with subtle sweetness, it is suitable for many dishes! Combine with Garlic Olive Oil and a little honey to use as a dressing on a salad with chicken and mango. Add a dash to your guacamole for a spicy twist. Also very tasty to add to your Bloody Mary cocktail. Garnish with celery, olives, and a lemon wedge then serve!

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