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Are you ready to expand your palate? Then look no further and surprise yourself or someone else with our Culinary box! This beautiful box is rich in flavors and filled with our top-selling products. From savory to sweet and from floral to spicy; there is something for everyone. Discover your favorite flavors and enjoy a culinary adventure this Spring!

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1. Patatas Bravas Dip 28g

2. Mango Pulp Vinegar 20ml

3. Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil 20ml

4. Bruschetta con Olive 25g

5. Marc de Champagne Vinegar 20ml

6. Allioli Dip 35g

7. Guacamole Dip 28g

8. Provençal Herbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil 20ml

9. Tzatziki Garlic Dip 16g

10. Tomato Pulp Vinegar 20ml

11. Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 20ml

12. Bruschetta Originale 25g

13. Passion Fruit Vinegar 20ml

14. Garlic Butter Mix 40g

15. Mélange de France 33g

16. Elderflower Apple Lime Vinegar 20ml

17. Wild Garlic Mix 20g

18. Pomegranate Vinegar 20ml

19. Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil 20ml

20. Smoky Bush Mix 22g

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SKU 63501-US
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