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The Oil & Vinegar website uses cookies. Below is described which cookies are used and how this is done in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Name domains
This declaration applies to the following (sub)domains:

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are placed or read during a visit to a website on your computer, smartphone or tablet. These text files are used to store or consult data - sometimes personal data.

Type of cookies
The Oil & Vinegar website uses the following types of cookies:

Technically necessary cookies
Technical cookies are necessary to enable the technical operation of our website or webshop.

Functional cookies
Functional cookies are used to provide you with an optimal user experience on the Oil & Vinegar website. Functional cookies make it possible, among other things, to store preferred settings (such as the desired language), also for future visits.

Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies are used to analyze how visitors use our website. Oil & Vinegar uses this information to improve the website functionalities and to increase user-friendliness.

Marketing cookies
Marketing cookies, also known as advertising and tracking cookies, are used for commercial and promotional purposes. This data is used to develop profiles, segments and target groups in order to display personalized information and offers from Oil & Vinegar on our website and third party websites. Tracking cookies may also be placed by external parties. For the placing of third party cookies, permission is requested in advance. The data processed via third party cookies are subject to the privacy and cookie conditions of the third party in question. These can be found on the websites of these parties.

Modifications cookies?
The cookie policy may change from time to time. In the event of new functionalities or changed privacy legislation, Oil & Vinegar may amend this statement. Any changes will be published on this page in a timely manner, which is why we recommend that you visit this page regularly.

Change your own cookie settings and delete existing cookies
You can also change your cookie preferences in your own browser. You can also set websites to stop placing cookies on your computer, smartphone or tablet at all. For the correct settings of your specific browser, we refer to your browser's manual, usually found under 'Help' in the browser's toolbar. We also refer you to the manual of your browser for deleting recently placed cookies.

We would like to emphasize that we cannot offer optimal functionality on our website without placing cookies.

Full privacy policy
This cookie statement is part of Oil & Vinegar's broader privacy policy.