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This Beer Chutney gets its name from the addition of a real British ale (1%). The chutney is rich in flavor with a subtle note of ale and a balanced sweet and sour taste.

What is Chutney?

Chutneys are originally an Indian delicacy based on slow-cooked vegetables and fruits, flavored by a blend of herbs and spices. Chutneys are thicker and chunkier than sauces, although they have similar uses. This chutney is no different as it is filled with generous chunks of cooked vegetables and enriched with a generous mix of herbs, spices, and flavorings.

How to Use:

Chutneys are served as a side dish or sauce with a variety of dishes. This beer chutney is delicious with cheese, meat and on sandwiches. Perfect for both lunch and dinner. Of course, also indispensable on the appetizer platter and delicious on a piece of cheese or sausage.

*Suitable for vegetarians. Does not contain alcohol: the alcohol is boiled out during preparation.

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SKU 66227-US
Ingredients vegetables in varying proportions (43%) (carrot, onion, swede, cauliflower) (EU and non-EU), sugar, malt vinegar (from barley), apples, tomato paste, dates (dates, rice flour), cornflour, Real Ale (1%) (malted barley, brewers yeast) (UK), salt, lemon comminute, acidity regulator: citric acid, ground spices, garlic puree, mustard powder. May contain fruit stones. May contain traces of: egg, milk, soy and sulphite.
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