Blood Orange Grapeseed Oil & Cherry Almond Crème Vinegar 2x250ml

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Fresh flavors for all year round! Cherry Almond Creme Vinegar pairs so well with citrus, especially orange. This combination will become your go-to during barbecue season, but can also be used in baking and more!

Recommended Uses:
 - Use as a marinade
 - Add a sweet twist to any dish
 - Use in baking
 - Use as a dressing

Blood Orange Grapeseed Oil

This grapeseed oil comes from Washington State. It’s a wonderful high-temperature oil that is ideal for grilling, baking, frying, and more. The neutral taste of grapeseeds means that the fresh blood orange taste is at the forefront. To make this oil, essential oil of blood orange zest, pressed from the fruit peels, is stirred into Washington State Riesling Grapeseed Oil.

Cherry Almond Creme Vinegar

This super tasty creme vinegar is thicker than ordinary vinegar because it has lower acidity and a higher sugar content. Ideal for rich salads, red meats, poultry, fruit and cheeses. Exceptionally tasty on arugula. Also perfect over yogurt or ice cream and for making tasty cocktails using sparkling water.

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