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Amarettini is the smaller version of the larger Amaretti cookies. These traditional Italian cookies are brittle and have the sweet flavor of almonds and apricot kernels. They are baked at a low temperature, making them crispy on the outside and airy on the inside. Be transported to Italy for just a moment with the refined bitter flavor that makes these cookies so special!

The cookies are made by Tuscan cookie bakers in Italy. For 3 generations they have been perfecting each cookie, keeping the recipe a secret from the first cookie. They take extra care choosing only the best ingredients, best baking techniques and the most refined flavors!

Amarettini cookies are delicious when dunked in espresso or Vin Santo, a typical Tuscan dessert wine. They are also perfect as a base for a dessert. Add alternating layers of a mixture of mascarpone and cream and Amarettini to a small glass, for example. Flavor the mascarpone mixture with our Amaretto Vinegar. What a great way of ending a meal!

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SKU 66261-1
Ingredients sugar, apricot kernels (18%) (EU and non-EU), egg white, milk proteins, raising agent: sodium hydrogen carbonate and ammonium hydrogen carbonate, flavor. May contain traces of: gluten, peanuts and other nuts.
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