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Order Today: 2023 Advent Calendar

Order Today: 2023 Advent Calendar

Our 2023 Advent Calendar

Our advent calendar is back! With a stunning new design and amazing culinary products, you'll be in a wonderfully festive mood during the run-up to Christmas. 

Let yourself be enchanted by beautiful olive oils, delicious vinegars, and intensely flavorful spices. This Culinary Advent Calendar is perfect to give as a gift or to enjoy yourself. 

Add a little WOW this holiday season!

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25 days that reveal a new tasteful surprise each time!
What's behind each door? Order now and enjoy when the countdown begins.

Want to know what's in the calendar?
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1. Dipper Sicilia 50g

2. Lemon Olive Oil 20ml

3. Gin Vinegar 20ml

4. Mustard Dill Dressing 45ml

5. Tuscan Herbs Olive Oil 20ml

6. Whiskey Vinegar 20 ml

7. Limoncello Nougat 50g

8. Wasabi Ginger dressing 45ml

9. Bruschetta Piccante 25g

10. Black Truffle Olive Oil 20ml

11. Marc de Champagne Vinegar 20ml

12. Scented Candle in Tin: Olive Blossom 7g

13. Organic EVOO: Blue 250ml

14. Whiskey Mustard 45ml

15. Carpaccio Truffle Sauce 45ml

16. Basil Olive Oil 20ml

17. Fig Balsamic Vinegar 20ml

18. Pistachio Spread 40g

19. Marinade Sevilla 45ml

20. Peperoncini Olive Oil 20ml

21. Mango Pulp Vinegar 20ml

22. Herb Butter Mix 20g

23. Pesto alla Genovese 130g

24. Truffle Powder 30g

25. Surprise....!