Black Garlic Sauce 250ml

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This special garlic sauce contains over 6% black garlic, which is considered a true delicacy!

The taste of black garlic is very different from the white variety. Black garlic is not sharp or dominant at all, but rather mildly sweet and refined, with hints of balsamic and raisins.

Black garlic is made by fermenting fresh garlic in an oven under controlled conditions. In this process, the white garlic is heated for four weeks or more at a moderate temperature with high humidity. The heating changes the color and taste of the garlic. It resembles caramelizing, but in reality it is done by the so-called maillard reaction: a chemical reaction between reducing sugars and amino acids that results in the production of melanodin. This is where the dark color of the black garlic comes from.

The Black Garlic Sauce can be used directly as a finishing sauce and is delicious with, for example, grilled beef, firm whitefish, roasted potato or pasta (salad).

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