Whiskey BBQ Gift Set

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This Whiskey BBQ Gift Set is perfect for the loved ones that enjoy grilling and cooking outdoors! This set makes making marinades quick and easy. All you have to do is combine the Whiskey Vinegar, Whiskey Mustard, Texan Steak Rub, and even some of the hot sauce if you like spice. Marinate the meat for at least thirty minutes and then cook. Once done finish with the Whiskey BBQ Sauce for flavor-packed barbecue!

Gift Set Contains:
Whiskey Vinegar (250ml)
Whiskey BBQ Sauce (250ml)
Whiskey Mustard (195g)
Habanero Sauce (125ml)
Texan Steak Rub (100g)
Red Kitchen Tools (3pc)
Gift Box

*Please Note: Packaging may vary from the picture shown due to supply of gift boxes.
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