Tzatziki Garlic Dip 50g/1.76oz

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Probably one of the most well-known Greek specialties in the world. Typically it is served as a yogurt sauce on Gyros with lamb, beef or chicken. This blend contains garlic, onion, salt, chive, pepper, parsley. Whether you want a hint of flavor or a bold taste, it all comes from the same jar. The possibilities are endless!

Recipe ideas:
- Add one part dried herb mix, to two parts hot water, let rest for 3-5 minutes, drizzle with olive oil and stir
- Make a dip using plain yogurt
- Sprinkle on veggies and meat
- In Greece you will also see this dip (mixed with yogurt, garlic, chopped cucumbers) served on it's own as appetizer to dip your warm pita bread in. Also try it with a little dried mint on top. One of the most refreshing dishes in Mediterranean especially during hot summer months.
- Enjoy it on grilled peppers, eggplant or tomatoes
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Ingredients garlic (47%), salt, onion (13%), chives, pepper, parsley (6,5%), olive oil.
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