Tuscan Herbs Olive Oil & Blackberry Vinegar - 2x250ml

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In this pairing, the herbaceous flavors of the Tuscan Herbs EVOO brings out the sweetness and fresh flavor of the Blackberry Vinegar. A true delight to impress friends and family.

Recommended Uses:
- As a salad dressing
- As a marinade for red meats
- With charcuterie boards

About Tuscan Herbs Olive Oil: Extra Virgin Olive Oil pressed with Tuscan Herbs (basil, oregano, thyme, dill and tarragon) is one of our most popular, and with just one taste you will understand why. Such a simple ingredient with such an incredible taste.

About Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar: A mix of the purest juice of blackberries and the highest quality balsamic gives this vinegar the quality it needs. Made in the heart of Tuscany with ancient production methods and recipes that have been handed down over the years from generation to generation the products are made with utmost care!

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