Smoky Grill BBQ Sauce 250ml/8.5fl oz

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This sweet and spicy sauce with a smoky flavor is essential for a BBQ or when grilling. Delicious as a sauce for on the table or for marinating or grilling meat such as spareribs, steaks, chicken legs or chicken drumsticks.

Nowhere else are marinades and sauces so important as when barbecuing. There are often many different flavored sauces on the table and nothing is tastier than meat that you’ve marinated yourself. And there are plenty of flavors to choose from.

The Oil & Vinegar Smoky Grill Sauce is sweet and spicy at the same time and has that typical smoky taste that is becoming more popular all over the world. The Smokey Grill Sauce is tomato-based and includes apple vinegar, soya sauce, coriander, a well-balanced mix of spices, but does not contain any artificial additives. This barbecue sauce can be used to marinate meat but is also suitable for use on the table.

Barbecue sauce originally comes from America and was actually already widely used in the 17th century. But the first commercial barbecue sauces were not marketed until the beginning of the 1900s. The taste and favor varied depending on the region it came from: some barbecue sauces are tomato-based and, at other times, mustard and vinegar have formed the basis of this popular sauce.

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SKU 65385
Ingredients tomato paste (21%), sugar, sunflower oil, mustard seeds, apple vinegar, chili paste, soy sauce, natural smoked sugar, coriander, spices, salt.
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This product contains: soy mustard
Nutritional Table US
Value per 15.00 ML
Unitspec 1 TBSP
Standaards per container 16 PCS
Calories 0 CAL
Calories from fat 0 CAL
Total Fat 0.5 G
Saturated Fat 0.0 G
Trans Fat 0.0 G
Cholesterol 15 MG
Sodium 30 MG
Total carbohydrate 6 G
Dietary fiber 0.0 G
Sugars 4.0 G
Protein 0.0 G
Vitamin A 0 %
Vitamin C 0 %
Calcium 0 %
Iron 0 %
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