Smoky Gift Set

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The Smoky Gift Set is perfect for the loved ones that want to bring a little more flavor to their cooking, whether it be in the kitchen or on the grill!

Our Smoky Garlic Grapeseed Oil is perfect for marinating and high temperature cooking. The Date Crème Vinegar is ideal for adding another level of flavor to your barbecuing, but also great on ice cream! Once you've grilled with the products in this set, you won't be able to go back to what you had before!

Gift Set Includes:
- Smoky Garlic Grapeseed Oil (100ml)
- Date Bacon Vinegar (100ml)
- Smoky BBQ Mix (70g)
- Smoky Grill BBQ Sauce (250ml)
- Chipotle Chili Seasoning (80g)
- Chipotle Chili Sauce (220ml)
- Red Kitchen Tools (3pc)
- Ribbed Box (26cm x 26cm x 10cm)

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