3 - 4 people
A sgroppino is an alcoholic mixed drink originating in Venice, Italy, and based on lemon sorbet with vodka, optionally topped up with the Italian sparkling wine Prosecco. This recipe can be used with an endless amount of combinations. We recommend using Mango Pulp Vinegar with Lemon Sorbet, Cranberry Vinegar with Strawberry Ice Cream or Sorbet, Cherry Almond Creme Vinegar with Cherry Ice Cream or Raspberry Sorbet.

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Ingredients and Method


  • 4 scoops Ice Cream/Sorbet
  • 3.4 fl oz Vodka
  • 6.5 fl oz Prosecco
  • 3.5 tbsp Fruity Vinegar


  1. Add prosecco, vodka and vinegar to 4 scoops of sorbet or ice cream.
  2. Use a hand blender to combine.
  3. Serve in Champaign glasses with a straw.
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