Pink Gin Vinegar - 500ml

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See life through beautiful rose-colored glasses with this wonderfully fresh Pink Gin Vinegar.

This unique vinegar has the fresh taste of rosé gin, but without the alcohol. It's delicious in salads, with fish and you can even make (non-alcoholic) cocktails with it. Combine with tonic or prosecco and finish off with some fresh raspberries and mint. This way you can create a unique, simple - but oh so tasty - drink in no time! The smell is of botanical gin herbs (cardamom, juniper, fennel and star anise) and the taste is sweet and fruity sour thanks to the raspberries.

This Pink Gin Vinegar is the perfect (Mother's Day) gift for true Gin-lovers! You don't only score points with the specialty of the vinegar, but also with the beautiful bottle it comes in. It looks like real Gin, but with a lot more possibilities in the kitchen.You will undoubtedly put a smile on the recipient's face.