Pineapple Chili Sauce - 250ml

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This fresh and fruity pineapple sauce with a little chili gives your dishes a tropical touch and is every pineapple lover's dream. 

The sauce finds a pleasant balance between mildly sweet and slightly spicy. The fruit share is no less than 39 percent, making the pineapple taste the main focus. Moreover, the sauce is made in such a way that the pineapple structure has not completely disappeared, which ensures a rich taste experience.

This tropical sauce can be combined with a multitude of dishes. Be sure to try it with (veggie) wok dishes, but also with chicken, whitefish or prawns. Works great with traditional pineapple-chicken dishes and chicken curry.
The sauce can also be eaten warm, as long as it is not heated too long and too hot.

This sauce has been specially developed for Oil & Vinegar