Patatas Bravas Dip 80g/2.8oz

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Who can eat tapas without ordering Patatas Bravas? This traditional Spanish herb mixture is a delicious blend of tomato, garlic, chili pepper, paprika, and curry. The herb mix has a spicy flavor that is so versatile you can use it in just about anything.

Recipe ideas:
- Make a dip using half sour cream and half mayonnaise
- Add to tomato sauce for pasta
- Shake in omelettes
- Sprinkle on baked fish with balsamic vinegar|
- Sprinkle on pasta with a good extra virgin olive oil
- Make a delicious salad dressing with your favorite extra virgin olive oil and vinegar
- Mix with mayonnaise and spread on a sandwich.
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Ingredients tomato flakes (tomato concentrate, maize starch) (40%), garlic (16%), sugar, chilies (11%), paprika, salt, curry (contains celery and mustard), olive oil.
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This product contains: celery mustard
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