Olive Wood Olive Picker

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A stylish olive wood accessory: tulip-shaped olive wood pick. Blends beautifully with our collection of handmade Tunisian olive wood accessories to create a luxuriously natural table decoration.

A matching olive pick cannot be missed on a beautifully decorated appetizer table. This olive wood pick combines natural with stylish. The tulip-shaped pick is 5.71 in. Completely handmade in Tunisia from olive wood, which is characterized by its golden-brown color. Due to it being a natural product, all items look different, which is the charm of this product.

Olive wood is a natural product. Therefore, some special maintenance is required: you can only clean this product using water, so you cannot use dish soap. This product should not be exposed to too much sunlight or heat. If the olive wood becomes a little dry after repeated use, you can lightly sand the plank with sanding paper, and rub it in with some olive oil afterwards. This will make your product regain its natural color and shine.

See what other olive products we have and choose your favorite accessories from our olive wood collection. It does not matter if the item is big or small, each and every item is beautiful and unique.

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