Olive Wood Honey Spoon 15cm

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Despite the name, you can use honey spoons for much more than just honey. Syrups, melted chocolate and caramel are just a few examples for which a honey spoon lends itself useful.

How to use a honey spoon?

1. Dip it! Dip the honey spoon in the honey pot and keep it a little tilted.

2. Cover it! Cover the end of the spoon with honey. The easiest way is to twist the handle until the end is covered.

3. Turn it! Turn the handle slowly while removing the spoon from the honey pot. As long as you keep turning the spoon, the honey won't fall off.

4. Drizzle it! To remove the honey from the spoon, just stop spinning. Gravity will do its work and the honey will drip from the end in a slow and even flow, like a golden waterfall.

Product of Tunisia: All the olive wood we get from our supplier is harvested in a sustainable way. The cutting of the trees is regulated by the government and for every tree that is felled, a new tree is planted. In addition, only olive trees that no longer produce olives are felled. So besides looking nice, this honey spoon also has a good backstory. Because wood is a natural product, each spoon will have its own unique wood drawing.

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SKU 66214-1
Ingredients olive wood 15cm (not dishwasher safe)
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