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Mango Pulp Vinegar & Basil Olive

Mango Pulp Vinegar & Basil Olive Oil is the perfect combination.



Mango Pulp Vinegar

Enjoy a tropical flavor with this delicious vinegar made with the pulp of the mango. Rich and sweet, it is delicious on salads and desserts!

Pair with:
- Bonsecco Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Basil Olive Oil
- Jalapeno Grapeseed Oil


- Use on bitter green salads with fruit and cheeses or on ice cream.
- Mix with Jalapeno Grapeseed Oil to marinade meats
- Create a shrub by mixing with spirits, water, or carbonated water.

Basil Olive Oil

The extraordinary purity and flavor of this Basil Olive Oil will give character to any meal. Such a simple ingredient with such an incredible taste.

Suggested pairings:
- Tomato Vinegar
- Muscat Vinegar
- Balsamic Vinegar or Modena IGP


- Mix with your favorite vinegar on salads
- Sautee chicken
- Drizzle on Caprese salad