Mango & Chili Sauce 220ml/7.4 fl oz

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This sauce is made from mango, red chili peppers and garlic making it sweet, summery and spicy, without being overly hot. The mango gives it a touch of the exotic.

This tropical Mango & Chilli Sauce is delicious as a dip with chicken, calamari and spring rolls. Try adding the sauce to noodles, fried chicken, fresh mango, garlic, bean sprouts, a little fish sauce and pepper. Or make your version of Asian Sweet and Sour Pork with strips of vegetables and rice.

About the red chili pepper: Red peppers, also known as chili peppers, is the collective name for the familiar red elongated chili peppers that come from South America. Capsaicin is the substance that gives the peppers their spice and heat.

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Ingredients mango (29%), water, sugar, white grape vinegar, red chilies (3%), garlic, corn flour, salt
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