Lemon Olive Oil & Strawberry Rhubarb Pulp Vinegar- 2x250ml

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This fresh combination is perfect for spring and summer.

Recommended Uses:
        1. As a salad dressing
        2. As a marinade for meat
        3. Over fruit salad or sweets (even ice cream)

About Lemon EVOO: Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a tradition in Italy. With each harvest fresh lemons are crushed with the ripe olives (60% Coratina and 40% Ogliarola) to create a masterpiece for your pallet. Delicate in flavor and powerful in any dish, lemon oil is delicious in both sweet and savory dishes.

About Strawberry Rhubarb Pulp Vinegar: The sweetness of the strawberries offers a nice balance to the acidic rhubarb. This vinegar is delicious in salads with orange slices.

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