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A must-have for every cook! To create your own herb oil, you just fill the Herb Oil Infuser with olive oil and add your favorite herbs to the mid-section of the infuser. The mid-section contains several holes that allow the olive oil to flow past the herbs that slowly flavor the oil: for a delicious result! This is called the ‘infuse method’. When you are pouring the herb oil on your meal, the herbs in the mid-section are obstructed by the small holes. This way no herb shreds will be poured on your dish.

The glass Herb Oil Infuser has a height of 945 inches, is handmade and has a plastic non-drip spout in black. You can easily fill the infuser through the wide filler. The Herb Oil Infuser is not dishwasher safe.

Tip: use the Arbequina Olive Oil or Bensecco Olive Oil in combination with the Preparato per Pasta Aglio e Peperoncini, all available at Oil & Vinegar. Preparato per Pasta Aglio e Peperoncini is a herb mix that contains large pieces of garlic and pepper that flavor your dish.

Make the most delicious herb oils yourself!

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