Fornelli Classici 250g/8.8oz

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Fornelli Classici are a specialty of the region Piemonte. They often eat the flat bread as a snack. These crunchy mini crackers are made in Italy according to a traditional Italian recipe. A big flat bread is baked and sliced in thin pieces. After that, it's baked again until it gets golden and crunchy.

Fornelli Classici is the perfect snack, because the variations with this crunchy toast are numerous. The mini crackers are irresistible when you eat them with cheese or real Italian ham. You should also try different toppings like dips, salsa, pesto, chutney or aioli. There are also many delicious combinations, for example cheese with sweet chutney, ham with mozzarella or a juicy and sweet sun-dried tomato. Fornelli often are served with soup or salad, as an alternative for regular bread. If you keep them in a closed box, the Fornelli stay delicious and crunchy for a month.

If you choose Fornelli Classici, you bring a lovely part of Italy to your dining table.

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Ingredients wheat flour, palm oil, malt, salt, yeast.
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This product contains: gluten wheat
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