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This set contains a selection of our most popular ready-to-use dressings: Wasabi Ginger Dressing, Mustard Dill Dressing, Raspberry Dressing, and Lemon Dressing. Thanks to the small packaging, it’s perfect for giving as a gift or for discovering all of the varieties for yourself.

Use these dressings to turn your daily salad into a real party! Whether you are in the mood for something spicy, herbal, or fruity... there’s always something for you! Did you know that our salad dressings can be poured either cold or lightly warmed over a dish? Perfect!


As well as being delicious in salads, they are also delicious as a sauce on a sandwich or as a dip with a cheese board. Want to get a larger jar? Click below!

Wasabi Ginger Dressing
Lemon Dressing
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SKU 66314-US
Ingredients Wasabi Ginger: ginger syrup (25%) (sugar, water, natural flavor, preservative: sodium benzoate), sunflower oil, vinegar, water, ginger (5%), mustard seeds, wasabi (4,6%), honey, egg yolk, condimento bianco, salt, spices, food acid: citric acid, sugar, rosemary extract, garlic oil, coloring agent: copper chlorophyll, natural flavor. ––– Mustard Dill: mustard (34%) (mustard seeds, vinegar, water, sugar, spices, salt, natural flavor), sugar, sunflower oil, vinegar, water, honey, dill (1%), natural flavor. ––– Raspberry: sunflower oil, raspberries (23%), sugar, vinegar, water, honey, beetroot concentrate, mustard seeds, color: carmin, natural flavoring, spices, salt. ––– Lemon: mayonnaise (59%) (rapeseed oil, vinegar, egg yolk, water, sugar, salt, mustard seed, antioxidant: rosemary extract, preservative: potassium sorbate, aroma (contains soy and celery)) (EU and non-EU), lime, sugar, vinegar, mustard seed, lemon (4,1%) (EU and non-EU), honey, chives, parsley, water, natural flavor, spices, salt, rapeseed oil, spice extract, herbs.
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