Cocktail Trio Gift Set

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Did you know that drinking vinegar can be great for our digestive system? The natural acidity of the vinegars can help raise the acidity in the stomach, allowing for digestion to be more efficient! Often times healthy things don't always taste great, but these Cocktail Vinegars are delicious and great for the body.

We love to mix these into Shrubs; a cocktail based on vinegar, soda water and/or fresh ingredients such as mint, raspberry, lemon, or basil. Short on time, just add a couple tablespoons to some water or carbonated water and drink up!

This gift is perfect for people that love drinking vinegars, but also for those that want to make new and creative cocktails/mocktails!

Gift Set Contains:
Mandarin Vinegar (250ml)
Raspberry Vinegar (250ml)
Lime Vinegar (250ml)

*Please Note: Wrapping may vary from the picture shown due to supply of gift wrapping materials.
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