Bruschetta con Mango 100g/3.53oz

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Bruschetta con Mango is the sweeter variant of the Bruschetta Originale. Pieces of real mango are added to the seasoning mix. It is delicious on bread, with sweet chicken dishes, or in a fish risotto.

The Bruschetta of Oil & Vinegar is inspired by the Italian Bruschetta: toasted bread, smeared with garlic, sprinkled with olive oil with a topping of fresh tomato. Bruschetta gives a delicious Italian touch in every dish and is very popular because of its versatility. Bruschetta con Mango consists of a delicious dried mix of tomato, oregano, garlic and basil with real chunks of sweet mango. The mango gives the seasoning a sweet accent.

Bruschetta is easy to make by soaking 2 tablespoons of seasoning with 4 tablespoons of warm water. After five minutes you can add 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil to the seasoning, and then you create a delicious tapenade that you can cover your bread with.

You can also vary with the mix by using it in the kitchen. Prepare the seasoning mix according to the instructions, and fill a fried chicken filet with the tapenade and with mozzarella. Put this in the oven and serve it with potatoes and fresh vegetables. It is also delicious when you combine it with cold rice salad with fresh mango, risotto dishes or in your pasta with extra virgin olive oil.

Besides Bruschetta con Mango, Oil & Vinegar also has more varieties in the Bruschetta series. It's good to sometimes change your flavors!

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Ingredients tomato flakes (70%) (tomato paste concentrate, corn starch), mango (10%), garlic, salt, basil, paprika, oregano.
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