Bruschetta con Formaggio 100g/3.53oz

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One of the Oil & Vinegar specialties is the Bruschetta herb mix. The Bruschetta con Formaggio is a tasteful dried mix based on tomato flakes with added cheese and herbs like basil, garlic and oregano. Bruschetta con Formaggio is exclusively and specially developed by Oil & Vinegar.

Just like the other Bruschetta mixes, Bruschetta con Formaggio is prepared by soaking two teaspoons of herb mix in 4 spoons of warm water for five minutes. Then add two spoons of extra virgin olive oil. You can use the mix as a tasty dip or as a quick spicy spread on toast.

The Bruschetta mix is a real all-rounder with loads of possible variations. For example, you could spice meat or fish with this wonderful Bruschetta con Formaggio. You can also make a delicious spicy mayonnaise with it or prepare special flavored croutons. Add the soaked herb mix to raw minced meat, to make spicy meatballs. Or add it to your eggs, to make a lovely cheese omelet with herbs. You could also taste other surprising Bruschetta varieties or discover more flavors with the Bruschetta Trio; three small jars wrapped as a gift!

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Ingredients tomato flakes (tomato paste concentrate, maize starch), hard cheese powder (20%) (milk, salt, lactic acid bacteria, rennet, preservative: sodium nitrate, colour: annatto), garlic, salt, basil, paprika, oregano.
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This product contains: milk
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