Beer Vinegar - 200ml

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Beer Vinegar with the distinct flavor of a strong ale beer and a pleasant well-balanced combination of sweet and sour.

Due to the increase of specialty beers on the market, the traditional Italian vinegar makers of Terra del Tuono created this particularly innovative vinegar. Made with a local beer called Giustospirito. Our Beer Vinegar is thus the fantastic result of the creativity and knowledge of a brewer and vinegar maker.

Perfect in salad dressings, in (BBQ) marinades and sauces, but also surprisingly tasty with fish & chips!

The acidity of the vinegar works well to balance the sweetness in the barbecue sauce and marinades. In marinades, the acidity of the vinegar also makes the meat nice and tender.

Very tasty in a stew too! The sourness of the beer vinegar ensures a round, harmonious taste and makes the meat more tender.

Dressing tip: Combine with Alentejo extra virgin olive oil

Packed in a beer bottle exclusively for O & V.