Beer Mustard - 195g

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Beer lovers pay attention, because with this Beer Mustard you have a very innovative product. The mustard has a pleasant sharpness with an intense taste of a premium Belgian beer. The mustard seeds, vinegar, herbs and spices are steeped in the beer for 48 hours to give the unique taste.

The mustard is made with Mongozo, a premium organic and fairtrade beer that is gluten-free and won the world beer prize for best gluten-free lager no less than 3 times in a row.

- Mustard is a great base for marinades and to rub your meat with. The acidity of the mustard activates enzymes in the meat making it tender. Delicious to marinate chicken or spareribs with.
- Gives a unique twist to your hot dog!
- Delicious with (BBQ) bratwurst or on a hamburger.
- Do you prefer a milder mustard taste? Mix this Beer Mustard with our favorite olive oil mayonnaise for a smooth mustard sauce.
- Perfect to add to a rich stew during the colder months.