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Atlas Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains and is made from 30% Dahbia and 70% Arbequina olives.

Since the family company was founded in 1887, they have been recognized and rewarded many times over the years for their passion, devotion and high quality products. The company has won several prizes, including the prize for best olive oil in the world and multiple ‘Great Taste Awards’ for the olive oil with the best taste.

The olives are harvested in December and processed into oil within a few hours using the ‘’cold-pressing method’’. This process optimally preserves its taste and produces a high-quality olive oil with a low acidity. After production the oil is stored in stainless steel barrels to prevent oxidation and preserve its specific flavor.

The oil is characterized by a fruity, balanced and sweet flavor that is perfect for general use in the kitchen. In order to preserve its taste, it is best used cold and added to a dish at the last moment. Excellent with desserts, vegetables, meat and fish dishes, or when used to make Bruschetta and Dippers, available from Oil & Vinegar. The olive oil combines well with sweet fruit vinegars.

Dressing tip: 1/3 date crème vinegar with 2/3 Atlas olive oil.

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