Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena 100ml/3.38fl oz

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This highly exclusive balsamic vinegar is the absolute pride and joy of Oil & Vinegar. It is made by Giuseppe Giusti, the oldest producer of balsamic vinegar in Modena, and purveyors to the Court. Extra vecchio means that the balsamic vinegar has aged for no fewer than 25 years according to a careful procedure; Giuseppe Giusti still uses seventeenth century wooden barrels for this. Connoisseurs know that this vinegar's taste is unrivaled. Only 2,000 bottles are made available every year. This naturally comes with a luxury gift box, including a spout and a leaflet with background information and recipes.

Uses (A little bit goes a long way to elevate dishes):
- As a dip with mature/Parmesan cheese
- With risotto (a teaspoon in the pan, a few drops on the plate)
- Drizzle over meat after grilling, salads, pasta, fruits, ice cream
- In sparkling mineral water as a soft drink.
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Ingredients cooked grape must
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